Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

Increasing healthcare costs and regulations make your benefit decisions more difficult each year. Our experience over the past 40 years will provide you with the knowledge and resources to make your benefit decisions. We offer a wide range of benefit solution strategies designed to maximize your benefits program and effectively manage your costs.

We offer a wide range of strategies that include Traditional Fully-Insured, Level-Funded, Self-Funded and Reference-Based Pricing options.

A strong Pharmaceutical strategy is a key component to managing costs. Rx costs have a dramatic impact on your renewal. Let us show you how to manage these costs with significant cost-savings to you and your employees.

A Comparison of
Fully-Insured vs. Self-Funded


Administrative Costs: Example: Average $65
Rate Increases: 15% to %30 each year
Claims Disclosure: Limited to No disclosure
Oversight Authority: All State and Federal requirements
Monthly Costs: A fixed cost each month
State Premium Tax: You are taxed based on the entire premium
Medical Customization: The carriers design your plan
Rx Customization: The carriers decide your pharmacy options
Network Choices: You usually must choose 1 network from your carriers choice of networks
Health and Wellness Programs: A one-size-fits-all approach is usually offered
Reserves: Retained by the the carrier
Profits: Retained by the carrier


Administrative Costs: Example: Average $35
Rate Increases: Your increase applies to your stop-loss based on claims experience
Claims Disclosure: Complete access to all claims data
Oversight Authority: Federal Requirements only
Monthly Costs: This may vary based on claims experience
State Premium Tax: You are only taxed on the stop-loss premium
Medical Customization: You design your own plan with customizations
Rx Customization: You can customize this and choose your own PBM ( Pharmacy Benefit Mgr) to lower costs.
Network Choices: You choose your own networks based on regional and national needs
Health and Wellness Programs: You can customize based on your specific needs
Reserves: You, the employer, retain these to pay for future premiums and reserves
Profits: Retained by the employer


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