Life Insurance for Individuals


Although often mistakenly viewed as a price only decision, the long-term nature of life insurance necessitates careful consideration in the selection of the insurance carrier, the product type, and the agent or agency to represent you and interact with your heirs.

Most commonly, life insurance is purchased to provide payment of a death benefit at the death of the insured(s). However, life insurance has many unique characteristics that may make it an appropriate vehicle for financial planning, including:

  • Policy cash values accumulate on a tax-deferred basis.

  • Policy death benefits are received income tax-free.

  • Policy cash values may be accessed on a tax-advantaged basis.

Why life insurance?

Life insurance helps protect your family or business from the financial impact caused by your death with a death benefit that in most cases is paid tax-free.
Your beneficiaries can use the proceeds to help:

  • Cover living expenses
  • Pay off debts
  • Take care of final expenses
  • Provide for your children’s education
  • Protection and more

Protection and more

Life insurance can do more than protect your loved ones if you die, it can also be there for other needs in life. From supplementing your retirement income, starting a business, or paying for college, many permanent life insurance policies have the potential to build cash value that you can use during your lifetime.

Flexible protection

Meet the unknowns in your life head on by tailoring your policy with riders that can provide early access to your death benefit in the event of a terminal illness or chronic illness or help paying your premiums if you become disabled.

Protect what matters

Purchasing life insurance means you have our promise that we’ll be there to help you protect what matters most while helping you pursue potential for tomorrow.


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