Life insurance helps protect the financial security of your family in the event of your untimely death. This is especially important when you are the primary wage earner.

Why buy life insurance?

Currently there are five specific reasons to buy a life
insurance policy:

  • To protect your beneficiaries' home and livelihood.
  • To replace your income & minimize your heirs’ debt.
  • To provide beneficiaries with income tax-free death benefits.
  • To provide the cash to pay any tax on your estate
  • To help protect the value of your estate.

Although often mistakenly viewed as a price only decision, the long-term nature of life insurance necessitates careful consideration in the selection of the Life Insurance Carrier, the product type and the agent chosen to represent you and interact with your heirs.

What Should You Consider
When Purchasing Life Insurance?

There are several important factors to discuss with your Cornerstone advisor before purchasing a life insurance contract. These include:

  • The Types of Life Insurance Available
  • Your Choice of Premium Level and Duration
  • Your Personal Insurance Needs
  • and Financial Objectives
  • Your Choice of Death Benefit and Beneficiaries
  • Your Best Choice of Insurance Company.

What are your life insurance options?

Essentially, insurance companies offer two different types of life insurance policies: Permanent and Term.

Permanent Insurance
Permanent insurance coverage such as whole life, universal life and variable universal life have the potential to provide coverage to a specified maturity date. Builds cash value as opposed to Term Insurance.

Term Insurance
Coverage that lasts for a specific time period and has two components: premium and death benefit.

 Purpose of Life Insurance

 Importance of Planning Ahead


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